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Return Policy

Return and exchange includes all Rody store products.

All our products are subject to a return and exchange policy without exception according to the terms and conditions stipulated on this page.

Return or exchange is possible if the product does not work with proof.

Refund request is made within three (3) days from the date of receipt, and no request will be considered after the expiry of the period.

The product is replaced by a second one free of charge in the event that the product has a malfunction or has industrial defects or does not work as agreed upon in the product advertisement and product page.

The full amount is refunded to the customer in the event that the product he connected to is completely different with the product description on the product page on our website or in our advertisement, and we are not responsible for any expectations of the use of the products by the customer that we did not mention on the product display page.

Refunds are made by transferring the financial value to the customer’s bank account after sending it to us via e-mail.

Refunds will only be made through the original payment method.