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Zhiyun Smooth 4 Mobile Stabilizer

Zhiyun Smooth 4 Mobile Stabilizer
Zhiyun Smooth 4 Mobile Stabilizer
Zhiyun Smooth 4 Mobile Stabilizer
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Zhiyun Smooth 4 Mobile Stabilizer
Zhiyun Smooth 4 Mobile Stabilizer
Zhiyun Smooth 4 Mobile Stabilizer

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Zhiyun Smooth 4 Mobile Stabilizer
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  • Model: Zhiyun Smooth 4 Mobile Stabilizer
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Zhiyun-Tech's Smooth-4 Smartphone Stabilizer, Black, is designed to provide cinematic-style functionality to content creators using their mobile phone to capture video. When used with the free and downloadable ZY Play app, the control panel enables Android and iOS users to control camera and smartphone functions such as focus, timezone zoom, and still image settings. Smooth-4's controls reduce the need to touch your phone's screen, thus reducing unintended scrambles while recording. The dedicated "rotor" function simulates the perspective-shifting and zooming effect so dear to many filmmakers. Compared to the ZT Smooth-3, the controls on the Smooth-4 are more ergonomically designed and better categorized with icons. Smooth-4 also has a much larger focus/zoom wheel, Phone Go mode for quickly grabbing motion, multiple time-lapse functions, and object tracking. With the ability to support smartphones weighing up to 7.4 ounces. Measuring up to 3.35 inches, the Smooth-4 is compatible with almost any mobile phone.

In a nod to its filmmaker-centric design, the Smooth-4's large focus wheel has a witness tag that can line up to focus on the marks you place on its woven strap. The wheel is on the left side of the handgrip, with a button placed at the bottom right of it that lets you switch between focus and zoom functions, with a button light indicating the zoom mode. Scroll and tap to select settings with the central menu/back button, or choose the parameter view button to switch between close-up, still image, and full-auto modes. The Smooth-4 offers 300 degrees of pan and 240 degrees of tilt and roll to seamlessly capture action shots, or for smooth gliding along quieter scenes. Choose between Pan-Follow, Locking, Full-Follow or the high-speed Phone Go mode to adjust the level of axis control while shooting.

Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, the Smooth-4 features a maximum runtime of 12 hours. The USB Type-C port on the grip enables you to add a separately available power pack to extend your shooting time even further. An LED display indicates your remaining power, and the ejection port enables you to charge your phone while shooting with the stabilizer. The Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-4 Smartphone Stabilizer includes a mini tripod, carrying case and USB cable. One 1/4"-20 female thread on the bottom of the hand grip can be used to mount the mount to the included tripod or other support, or to attach a compatible accessory.

Feature guides

Supports smartphones up to 7.4 ounces, and up to 3.35 inches tall

Large cinematic style focus/zoom wheel with witness mark

Use with the free and downloadable ZY Play APP to control the functions of your iOS / Android phone

Vertigo effect, quick response to phone modes

Multiple time-lapse and follow-up mode options

300° for pan, 240° for tilt, 240° for roll

Runtime up to 12 hours; Ability to use an external power pack

Your phone can be charged while shooting

For smartphones up to 7.4 oz.

Large focus/zoom wheel on the left side

Quick Response Mode "Phone Go"

Dolly/Zoom effect mode "Vertigo"

Control Select phone functions

Multiple time-lapse and tracking modes

Convenient control panel

Charging the phone while filming